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Topic Title: Companion won't light
Created on November 20, 2011 at 09:19 PM


Has got colder and my companion won't light. Have gas in tank. Gas coming out of tank, but not out of regulator?

@ Bill

Do you have an accessory hose hooked to a large tank?
If so, try it with a small 1 lb tank directly on the regulator to determine if the regulator is OK or not. It can be either a regulator or a hose problem.


I serviced a Companion at my store last summer. Remove the venturi from the regulator & be sure there is no moisture in there. I used an air compressor & low pressure. After removing a bit of moisture & it still not working I removed the drip pan & deflector from over the burner. The seam on the burner had a crack about 4 inches long from the end. There was gas flowing but not enough back pressure for it to ignite.


There was moisture at the end of hose from tank. Thanks for the help.