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Topic Title: Turkey Breast
Created on November 24, 2011 at 06:30 PM


Today is Thanksgiving Day and I'm trying to cook a turkey breast on my Legacy grill and have run into a problem. The turkey breast is 7.5#, completely thawed. I let it sit out an additional hour before putting it on the grill. However, when I put it on the grill the thermometer dropped from 400F to 225F. After 45 minutes the temp. had only risen to 250F. The ambient temp is 62F and there is no wind. This has totally destroyed my cooking time so my question is, how do I calulate my cooking time now?


probably too late now, but your tip of your lid thermometer was probably touching the cold bird, giving you a false reading. How did it turn out?


I added one hour to the cooking time (thanks to some info I got off the "Brown in Bag" box). It turned out very well and was gone in a flash.