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Topic Title: Regulator hose
Created on November 26, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Joel in Texas

No gas coming thru regulator hose to grill? Any ideas!

@ Joel

Assuming you are talking about a late model full size Holland, try a regulator reset. If you don't know what a reset is, go to trouble-shooting in the support section & click on "Grill not getting hot".


1. IMPROPER LIGHTING SEQUENCE: Because of the safety valve installed in all LP regulator hoses, the Holland Grill must be turned on and off the same way every time. First, with the LID OPEN, open the LP tank valve all the way. Next, turn on the gas all the way at the grill while turning the igniter knob at the same time. When you're finished grilling, turn off the gas at the grill FIRST and then close the LP tank's valve. (This lighting sequence does not apply to grills fueled by natural gas.)If pressure has built up in the hose or if you do not perform the proper lighting sequence, the flame will look good but your grill will not get hot. You can purge this pressure from the hose by first turning off the grill and closing the LP tank. Unscrew the plastic coupler from the LP tank. You should hear a slight hissing sound as pressure is expelled. Wait a minute, reattach the hose to the tank. Open the tank slowly and then relight the grill in the proper sequence. NOTE: A general rule of thumb is that if your grill WAS getting hot and NOW it is not, then something is blocking the flow of gas. Possible blockages include a blocked or clogged orifice, obstructions in the burner, bad regulator, possible bad LP tank valve and in rare cases, a bad gas valve. You simply have to find the blockage. Listed below are some possible sources of blockage: