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Topic Title: Wrangler vs. Epic
Created on December 2, 2011 at 06:35 PM


Does the Wrangler cook the same as the Epic? I really like the smoke stacks, but the only way to get them is to go to the Epic which of course costs a little more. My dad has had a Holland for years and loves it. Time for me to purchase one.

Got One!

The Wrangler does cook the same as an Epic. The stacks on the Epic or the vents on the back of the Maverick work the same.


I am a dealer & have demo'd the Epic, Apex, Wrangler & Companion & they all cook the same. What a great product!!
I do agree it took some time getting used to the look of the ones with no stacks but the bottom line is how the food tastes!


My SG2 has finally gone by the wayside and needs replacing. I was hoping to find a used Holland from someone who doesn't like the "holland approach", but I'm not having any luck. I"m not surprised that 99% of owners like there grill. So I am looking at the more affordable maverick and wrangler series. I see the hood is different shape. Is the height different? Can I get a turkey under there? What about the material? All aluminum? I live on the NC coast, so rust will be a concern.

Going through withdrawals :(