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Topic Title: Wrangler vs Epic
Created on December 4, 2011 at 04:03 PM


Can someone explain the differences between the Epic and the Wrangler? ( or the entire Holland Grill product line for that matter- there appears to be no good way to compare Holland grills side by side.)

@ Scott

Have you opened the model links at the top of the page? Click on each thumbnail picture. There is pretty specific information & specs on each model.
To boil it down, all the full size grills are the same size & cook the same.


Seriously @Scott? I've operated a webpage before and know how to click on something... I'm asking for a differential between the two products (or all products) because the information listed on each one is not in a uniform format.

Roger T

Sorry for the previous sarcasm. Let me try to fill in the gaps on the Holland grill models.
All of the full size gas grills have the same size cooking surface, all get to the same temp, so they all cook basically the same. The Epic & Apex are the traditional 2 stack design Holland has been making for 25+ years, which is a labor intensive design. The Maverick & Wrangler are a newer design that is less labor intensive to manufacture in the USA. The quality is the same.
The differences are mostly in materials, stainless versus aluminum, & features like cabinets versus pedestals. All internal components are the same except the Maverick has a simpler drip pan design that can't be used to steam like the other grills. All the grills have the same lid thermometer & igniter system.
You might want to call Holland & suggest they add a comparison spread sheet to the web-site to make it easier to compare differences. 1-800-880-9766
Hope this helps.


Many thanks Roger; You told me what I needed to know :)


One more difference that may be important to some people is the shape of the lid. The Epic/Apex features a traditional lid that is shaped like a tent with its highest point in the middle. This allows large items such as turkeys, vertical rib racks, vertical poultry roasters, and the half-grid to be placed in the center of the grill. The lid for the Maverick/Wrangler is shaped differently; its highest point is in the rear and it slopes down to its shortest point in the front. I haven’t used a Maverick/Wrangler; however, suspect the lid design would require placement of larger items in the rear of the grill where the temperature is typically highest.

Holland Grill Co.

Here's a link to a Model Feature Comparison Chart that is available for downloading or viewing on our website under SUPPORT>Owner's Manuals/Brochures. Cut and paste this link to go directly to it.
We've grilled an 18-pound turkey on the Maverick/Wrangler design and it fit nicely when placed so that the drumsticks were facing you, front to back. Did a fantastic job. Happy Holland-days everyone!