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Topic Title: Cleaning
Created on December 22, 2011 at 01:44 AM


I would think Holland would include in its cleaning kit the right tool for keeping the drain open and clear. I finally started using a Hoppe 12 gauge cleaning rod. The swab attachment fits about right and cleans well right after grilling. The wire brush works well if a little loosening of accumulated grease is required.


I use a metal dowell rod I bought at ACE. Works great and costs about $3.

Tom Kirkman

Right. The trick to any of this is to never let the grill or the pipe opening get to crusted up to begin with. It only takes a couple minutes to do a little clean up after each use, and it still beats washing dishes.


A guy gave me a 15 year old Holland. He was going to take it to the dump. He said it was shot. I said bring it to me so I can look at it. Looked like he had only cleaned the drip pan a couple times. There was a 3-4 inch buildup. I bought a new drip pan as it was rusted out and completely cleaned the rest of the machine. We now have a very good cooking machine. I introduced my wife's family to Holland style Turkey at Thanksgiving. They said it was the most moist and best looking bird they ever had. This is my 2nd Holland grill now.

Tom Kirkman

The amount of dried grease and drippings on the pan greatly affect the temperature inside the grill.

With just 1/16th inch of crud on mine, the interior temp will drop by as much as 20 to 30F.

A quick cleaning (usually just steam some water in the pan and let the crud roll up) restores the temp to the usual 420 to 430F.


Tom, you mentioned ...
"A quick cleaning (usually just steam some water in the pan and let the crud roll up)..."
This sure sounds like a good idea. Could you please give a few more details to the process?
Thanks alot.

Tom Kirkman

If you fill the drip pan with water and and let it steam for 30 minutes to an hour, most of the crud on the drip pan will loosen and lift. Making it very easy to scrape off.

I typically plan to steam a meal about every 3 weeks which automatically functions as a cleaning session for the Holland.