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Topic Title: New Owner
Created on May 3, 2008 at 11:25 PM

Stan Mexico


I was in the market for a new gas grill and wasn't sure what to get. I really didn't want to spend a whole lot since the majority of my grilling is done on a charcoal grill. Well today was my lucky day, or at least I think it was. We had a yard sale along with our neighbors. Underneath your typical pile of VHS tapes and other assorted junk were two aged boxes, they told me it was a grill. I consider myself a novice griller, I enjoy my Weber charcoal and have always settled for a Char-Broil or other flavor of the year gas grill sold at Lowe's/Home Depot. When they told me it was a Holland I wasn't sure what to think, I had never heard of a Holland. At the beginning of the yard sale they told me $300, the owner was a sister of one of the neighbors. I said no thanks and went on about my day, peddling our own stacks of useless yard sale wares. At the end of the day, the grill remained and they told me $50 would take it, I thought that seemed more than reasonable so I gave them $65 since I had a feeling this wasn't your standard commercial grill. So now I'm in the process of assembling this relic. It's brand new, but certainly an older model. Is anyone here an owner or have previously used a BH421SS-1? I'm guessing from the age of the boxes this thing is at least 5 years old, maybe older. I think the only part(s) I may be missing, at least according to the assembly instructions, are the filters for the stacks and the retainers for the stacks. Maybe I don't need them. Regardless, after reading some testimonies and seeing the craftsmanship of the grill during assembly, I think I scored a pretty good deal. Just from reading some of recipes and other information on this site, it may be time for me to put the charcoal on the bench...we'll see. Oh....they also were selling a used Holland, same model as the one I got, for $20. It didn't sell.


Hello Stan, I want to first say that you got a GREAT deal. Even at $300 it would have been a good deal. I personally have had the Legacy which did come with the filters. After 5 years of serious use the filters had to be pitched and Holland doesn't have it available to be purchased so I am assuming we don't need them. Common sense tells me that without the filters we are losing heat. My quick fix was to fold some aluminum foil over several times and poke holes in it. Hey, it works but I would just call Holland and get their opionion first.


We quit using the filters in the chimneys several years ago. None of our stainless grills have them now and they work fine. Their purpose was to satisfy a California emissions regulation. Don't cover your chimneys with anything--you risk having the flame go out and then potentially even bigger problems.Stainless steel, just by the nature of the metal content, heats differently than steel or aluminum. It takes a little longer to heat up and recovers a little slower.But--a stainless steel grill will last a very long time. If you're not satisfied with how hot your stainless grill is getting--first see how hot it is actually getting--don't necessarily go by the lid thermometer. Place an oven thermometer inside, heat it for 30 minutes with no food on it. Stainless should get close to 400 in that time frame. Call Holland if you have problems getting it up to temp.


I have an older Premier that had filters in the smoke stacks. I wasn't keeping them clean & My grill was not burning right because it was starving for air. I was mad & complained to everybody.
When I finally called Holland, they told me to remove the filters & let the grill breath, then they sent me a slightly larger orifice for my gas valve. Apparently only some early stainless steel grills had the filters & the smaller orifice.
Two things I learned. 1)Don't complain if you are having a problem, just call Holland for help. 2) DON'T BLOCK THE STACKS WITH ANYTHING! You are asking for trouble if you disrupt the airflow through the grill. It is dangerous!
My old Premier now burns & cooks better than ever.


Congratulations on your steal of a deal. I personally have always hated gas grills with a passion and my Weber is over 15yrs old. But this Tradition gas grill i practically had shoved down my throat for free "but i don't own it" has won me over on gas cooking. Apart from the awesome food my favorite feature is reheating leftovers that came off the grill in just a few minutes


You got the steal of the century. Your grilling will be wonderful. The best part that I love about my stainless Holland is, I don't have to babysit the grill, waiting for flare ups. I used to grill on a Weber kettle with charcoal, and had flare ups with almost everything. I have never had a flare up on my Holland. The filters are not needed, but if you want, use oven cleaner on them, or make some from stainless mesh for a range hood filer. Just keep in mind, the Holland is a slower grill than most others, and that is what helps put the flavor into the food. Along with the sizzle plate, which smokes the drippings, which circulates around the food, and gives it flavor of grilling, without the sensation of biting into a briquet. In about ten years, which is how long I have had mine, you will need to clean out the burners. Cast iron is durable, but it will flake and rust on the inside. It is easy to take them apart and knock the rust out, and the burner is like new. The clue to needing to clean the burner, is when the flame gets larger yellow tips and you can't get rid of them with air shutter adjustment.

Stan Mexico

Thanks for the feedback. Well since I started using my Holland, I haven't lit the charcoal once. The first thing I cooked were ribeyes, I wasn't wowed. But the more accustomed I got to cooking by time instead of appearance the better the food got. I tried my ribeyes a second time and couldn't believe how good they were. Perfect strip of pink in the middle and juices galore, delicious. Since then, I've cooked a whole chicken, baby back ribs, chicken breasts, burgers, a pork loin and many, many steaks. The thing I like best is how you can tweak your cooking times to how you prefer your doneness, once you have the right cooking time it's simple to duplicate a perfect doneness every time. This grill is the real deal!