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Topic Title: Super Bowl wings?
Created on February 3, 2012 at 03:35 PM

Ken in MO.

Well I bought the Wrangler on Thursday. It didn't come with the cookbook. I thought it might at the cost. Guess I'll order one, but for now, anyone have a good wings receipe for super bowl?
Thanks, Ken

Tom Kirkman

1. Rinse and then pat dry the wings.

2. Apply a very light coating of good olive oil on each wing.

3. Liberally coat them with a low salt seasoning such as Uncle Yammy's, or the Spicy Cajun from Holland. Both of these are very low in salt content so you can get plenty of seasoning on the wings without overwhelming them with a salty taste.

4. Preheat Holland Grill to 400F - 430F.

5. Put some mesquite pellets in your drawer or smoker tin.

6. Set wings on cooking grid.

7. Cook for about 18 minutes and then quickly flip and cook another 18 minutes.

8. Brush on Sweet Baby Ray's Hicory/honey/barbeque sauce and cook for just 5 minutes more.

9. Remove, let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy.

The cooking time will vary based on the number of wings you're cooking and how quickly you can get them on the grill and flip them at the turn point. The times above are perfect for my Apex grill and about 2 dozen wings. For more than that, you might push the time out to 20 and 20, and then 5.

What you want is a wing that is just crisp on the outside but still succulent and juicy on the inside. After making them this way on the Holland, I can't eat restaurant wings any more.


They've got a pretty good wing recipe on their website under RECIPES/POULTRY/Super Wings. I just saw it on Holland's facebook too. I'm heating the grill right now to try these wings for an apetizer.