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Topic Title: Baked Potato
Created on February 10, 2012 at 12:47 AM

Tom Kirkman

I guess I figured that a baked potato was a baked potato. They're easy to do so many ways. Fixing them in the microwave works great and they don't take very long to do. But a few weeks back I finally tried cooking one on the Holland. Amazing.

1. Wash and dry potato.

2. liberally coat with good olive oil.

3. Sprinkle on Kosher salt

4. Put potato in preheated Holland (400F to 430F)

5. Cook 30 minutes and turn over.

6. Cook 30 more minutes and remove.

Cut and dress potato to suit you. You'll find it will be the fluffiest potato you've ever eaten. And... you will eat the skin. All of it.

mr potato head

try the same thing using holland carolina seasoning and you will want a seacond potato also try wedging the potato or slicing.sprinkle seasoning on all sides. times very depending on thickness


Good morning Tom. Was wondering when you cook the potatoes on the grill if you pierce them with a fork like you do when cooking in the microwave?

Tom Kirkman

No, never bothered to do that.


i cooked some potatos tonight per your recipe and they were excellent..thanks


Cook potatoes all the time on the holland. Not sure why you open it up and turn them. If you leave them on until done the bottom usually has a nice crispy skin.