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Topic Title: Apex vs. built-in apex
Created on March 3, 2012 at 01:23 AM

Buffalo Griller

I am looking at buying my first Holland. I have decided on the apex model but I haven't decided yet between the natural gas stand-alone or just the Apex top to build into an island. Her's my question: If I buy the apex top for an Island, how can I protect the stainless steel top against the weather elements (I live in the Northeast) as I can't see how a cover would fit. Any suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated.


I've owned a holland stainless about 18 years now sits outside year round uncovered still looks good !


I forgot to tell you I live in the Chicagoland area


There are several grill cover online stores. Do a search on island grill covers. Google is your friend.

Gary O

Remember, even though the Apex grill outer parts are stainless, it has a cast iron burner in the bottom. Don't let it get rained on.

Buffalo Griller

have you had any trouble with rust?


I did update mine with a new deflector plate because they use to be steel instead of stainless and brought a newer aluminin drip pan for mine but thats it