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Topic Title: Maverick or wangler lid question
Created on March 11, 2012 at 08:02 PM


I have a holland grill the heritage I think it , it's a model they do not make anymore. I'm having to toss it because the body rusted away from the pedestal. So now I am looking at buying a new one. My question is,with the low lid design like the maverick and wrangler has will I still be able to cook large pieces of meet lime whole turkeys, large hams, whole chickens standing up lime I am use to with my old holland that has a taller /dome Shape lid? Just looks to me that the low profile lid on the new models would not close fully if you had large piece of meat like I am use to cooking on my old model. Does anybody owning the wangler or maverick have this problem ?


Stafford P

Why don't you just call Holland & ask them what the height clearance is, then post it on here for other folks. I recently saw a Holland cooking demo with a whole turkey on the Maverick. I can't tell you what size it was but it was delicious!


Called Holland today and asked about the ability to cook larger pieces of meat like turkys and hams with the new lower looking profile lid the maverick & wangler has.I was told they cooked 2 18lb turkeys at one time with the new lid design and all went well. They did go on to say that with the new lids it does get hotter inside .