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Topic Title: Corned Beef and Cabbage
Created on March 17, 2012 at 01:23 AM


Does anyone have a great CB&C recipe for the Holland? Please don't reply if your recipe includes wrapping anything in tin foil. Thats not grilling, we have ovens for that. The O in my signature is very Irish but I'm tired of the crock pot on St. Patty's day. I bought two corned beefs so my wife feels safe doing one on the counter top in the ceramic boiler but I'm looking for something to truely impress the guests. Thanks!


Okay- there is a recipe for cooking a boston butt- its in the cookbook, on the free dvd (now offered on the home page) and I think, on line too. I believe you could cook the corned beef like a boston butt, filling the grill pan with water and slow cooking it for several hours- then you put it in a cooler which holds the heat and cooks itself- please let me know how this comes out- I want to try it too-0 btw we had the cabbage with butter and ice cubes and greek seasoning for dinner last night- iomg it rocked! but alas we did have to use tin foil to hold the juice!


What are corned beefs anyway? If I want to "truely" impress people I cook something that tastes good. They never ask which appliance I used to make it. Thanks!


Last St. Paddy's day, I bought an "American-style" Wagu corned beef brisket from Byerly's in the Twin Cities, and cooked it on my Holland Tradition grill - it turned out to be the best corned beef I have ever eaten! I filled the bottom tray with water, and steamed it for about 4 hours, and only once opened the cover to look at it & add more water. As a note, I added some Mesquite Flav-o-buds to the chip drawer for a little extra kick. The end result was tender, moist, and you could cut it with a butter knife. I will be repeating this for years to come - Holland Grills ROCK!


Repeated the traditional "American-style" Wagu corned beef brisket from Byerly's in the Twin Cities today, and it was again outstanding! The only downside was waiting 4 hours - but the end result was worth the wait! Did I mention it is 10 degrees outside? The grill doesn't care, and is used year round. As previously stated, Holland Griils ROCK!

Mrs Ness

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems the guy steaming the corned beef has the right idea for the beef. While you're steaming the beef, just half a head of cabbage and lay it flat side down on the grill and steam the cabbage at the same time the meat is cooking. Of course, you wouldn't need to steam the cabbage for as long a period of time. But it will be delicious. Slainte!