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Topic Title: Which grill smokes food the best
Created on March 19, 2012 at 04:37 AM


Hello looking to buy a new holland. Which one smokes your food the best.

Tom Kirkman

You can do it on any of them, but the pellet drawer on the Apex makes it very easy as you can continue to add more pellets as needed or desired, without having to go inside the grill.

Tom Kirkman

I see the Epic has the same drawer, so the same thing goes for it as well as the Apex.

Sammy D

Actually, the Wrangler also has the chip drawer in the front. The Maverick is the only full size grill that doesn't.


And you can sit the tray full of wood pellets right on top of the grill grate. It will smoke even better than the chip drawer....


So it sounds like any of the Holland grills will work good. Are pellets better than the pressed pucks. And what flavor of pellets or pucks do any of you prefer.

@ Matt

I would think Holland sells the pellet type product because it works the best.
I prefer the applewood for poultry or fish because it is the mildest. Hickory is next & is a good all around choice. Mesquite & Jack Daniels are the strongest. They work great on beef.


I don't use the pellets myself, I use the regular wood chips you can pick up at your local wal-mart . The burn longer and many times are much cheaper. Just put them in the tray that comes with your holland grill


Thank you for the post's. Hopefully soon a new grill will be smoking in my backyard.

Tom Kirkman

Mesquite is great for wings. Applewood for ribs.