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Topic Title: Need a Smoke-----
Created on May 6, 2008 at 10:54 PM


I got a Holland Companion recently. Finally got it to heat correctly on a 10lb tank... Thanks for the advice.

I want to smoke country style spare ribs. Should I put the wood on the dip pan in the corners, or am I supposed to lift out the drip pan and put chips under the drip pan somewhere? The grill did not come with a box for the wood chips so I know I can use foil muffin tins if need be.

Now I am putting the chips on top of the drip pan and they start smoking when the grill gets to about 350* but when I put the meat on the grill the temp goes down and no more smoke.


just make sure you are using the Flav-o-bud compressed sawdust pellet type of product in the back of the drip pan. Let them smoke for a couple of minutes before you add food so they are smoldering good. You want to see a little ash in the pan when you open the lid.
You can order the aluminum bud trays under grill accessories if you want.