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Topic Title: Burner rusted/rotted out
Created on March 25, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Jim Gardner

My Apex is a little less than four years old. I went to clean it yesterday and change the electrode. It is easier to take the bolts out of the heat deflector if the grill is lying on its side so I layed it over. The burner top, screws still in fell off the burner. The burner base where the bolts go was rotted out. The heat deflector has 1 leg that has broken away from the base.
This grill has NEVER been out in the weather. Two friends of mine have Hollands, one for 15 years the other over 20 and they are still on the first burner???

The burner is under warranty but the heat deflector is not. I thought the deflector was stainless but rust is the cause for breakage.
Calling in the morning for the burner and to see what they will do about the deflector.

Would not take anything for my grill but heads up; keep a check on the burner if I had moved the grill it might have been more than a burner I needed.

Floyd A

Something not sounding right here. If you have an Apex, you don't need to take the flame deflector out to change the electrode. One 8-32 screw from the underside of the grill bottom & it drops out. The flame deflector on an Apex is stainless steel so I doubt it's an Apex.
Take my word for it, if the burner & flame deflector were both rusted out, it's had water in the bottom for an extended period of time.