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Topic Title: need smoke flavor
Created on March 29, 2012 at 09:44 PM


what is a good way to add a nice medium smoke flavor to any steak, ribs, chicken, pork? keep in mind I have a holland classic II. i have tried placing applewood chips on the flame deflector (the heavy plate that sits directly above the burner) but i have not had any luck. just looking for an easy way to get some smoke flavor to the meat. thanks

@ Austin

The accepted way of adding smoke on a Holland grill is to use the wood pellet type product available in Seasonings & Sauces.
Put a handful in a small tray in the back left corner of the drip pan under the cooking grid before you light the grill.
Don't put food on the grill until you see smoke from the stacks.


my grill is not equipped with a smoke tray like some of them are. if i find a small tray and place it in the back left corner i will get a nice smokey flavor to the meat?


could i possibly use pellets for a traeger and get the same smoke effect?


Yes and Yes

Tom Kirkman

I concur. Just stay away from "liquid smoke." I have found it tends to cause, shall we say, gastric distress in many people, including myself.

The Holland pellets catch and smoke up a storm very quickly. Much better than whole wood chips in my opinion.


alright i will have to give them a try. thanks