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Topic Title: Beer can chicken
Created on April 19, 2012 at 12:08 AM


We just bought a Holland Maverick grill and the lid is not high enough to make beer can chicken


Oh no! What model do you have? Holland Grill even sells an accessory just for cooking chickens like beer can chicken! I want to cook those also. Sorry to hear that!

Deacon Dash

I'm grilling one right now on my Wrangler. I'm using the Holland roasting post. Just push it toward the high side.


I just bought a Maverick and I believe that a beer can chicken will large of chicken are you cooking? If it is too large to fit on a can and inside...try just doing the chip tray and a can of liquid (beer, root beer, etc)placed in a corner of the grid and place chicken in center of grid as is!! But, if can chicken is what you want to do...I believe I would cook that right in the middle (where it is the highest in the lid) I saw the roasters sold by Holland and it seems that it would defeat the whole concept of the can chicken...less clean-up!! I like the metal frames that go around the can and gives the chicken more support...just have to push it down further is the only suggestion I can give without seeing it.