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Topic Title: do you really love it?
Created on April 21, 2012 at 01:32 PM


I'm trying to justify spending this much money on a grill so I want to know "Do you REALLY love your holland grill?" why holland and not weber? thanks!


Absolutely I love it. That's why I own three Hollands. No babysitting the grill to make sure your food is cooked properly. No guessing at cooking temps, just cook by time and/or temp. You wont regret buying a Holland


Ted you couldn't have said it better. I own 2, one at he camper & one at home. Simply put the best grill ever. It is not as fancy as the big box store grills but it will last 3 to 4 times longer & cook much better.

Tom Kirkman

I've bought 5 of them. Have one at work, two at home (Companion is for camping trips). Gave 2 away to business associates (and they say they love theirs).

If I couldn't cook on a Holland, I just wouldn't cook.


I'm a new Epic owner.I've always used charcoal but I wanted a gas grill too.My uncle has a holland and loves his.I always thought they where too expensive.I was going to buy a new Weber,decided to check into a Holland and found that they where the same price.Absolutely the best grill I've ever owned and worth every penny.I made pulled pork,ribs,veggies and chicken wings that I could never make on any other grill.To answer your question I REALLY DO LOVE MY HOLLAND and so does my family,friends and neighbors!And I'm buying a companion for camping.


Love mine. Most importantly, my wife loves it, even does some of the grilling herself now because it is so easy to use.


thank you everyone for your input. I did end up buying one last weekend and have used it 3 times. Bacon, prok chops, and last night a pork roast. The pork roast did not take any extra time than it would have in the oven and it was absolutely moist and deliscious. I bought the Apex worried that my husband would squabble over the price and the quality but he was impressed and got over the price when I told him the warranty and other testimonies. So glad I made the effort to research and find a local dealer. Tonight bbq'd chicken.

Dave Easley

A Holland Grill is NOT an expense; it is an investment in your dining experience. You will not regret your investment. We have a Companion we use camping and an Apex at home. My wife uses a remote thermometer and cooks by internal meat temperature. As a result, the food is consistently, exactly the way you want it EVERY time. It doesn’t matter if the cut is thick or thin, large or small. When the internal temperature is reached, it is done just the way you like it. You don’t have to be a fireman, standing by with a spray bottle of water to put out the flare-ups and you don’t have to cut off the burned parts before you can eat it. Just close the lid and let your Holland grill work its magic. The meat is always moist and juicy, always. If there ever is a problem with your grill, you have an American made product with great customer service and parts available, quickly. We are in Colorado at 7200 feet and we use it year around because it is so easy and everything tastes so good. You just can’t get that kind of flavor from a kitchen oven. Because of the unique design of the Holland Grill, unlike any other grill, “While the Holland is grillin’, you can be chillin’”. Your family has many years of great eating ahead. You made a wise investment.


I love our Holland grills! You know, you can get a free dvd that demonstrates cooking on the grill - including french fries, pies, boston butts, apple dumplings and much more- the disc also shows how to use water for a slow cooking feature, smoking and lots more- just fill our the form on the home page- you have to scroll down a little to see it but look for the free disc icon.

Tom Kirkman

There is a learning curve to using the Holland grill. Keep a record of your cooking times for various cuts and thicknesses of meats. You may end up a little bit over or underdone initially, but once you get it right you'll never be anything less than perfect again. There is no guessing - you know what your grill's temperature is and so you can cook by time and trust everything to come out perfect.


I love it so mush I now own 3 of them. One at home, one at the camper & a companion for traveling & small meals or as additional cooking space

Chet in ms

Love my Holland. If my grill was stolen or beyond repair...I would have a new one that day! (If the dealer was open)


My Holland grill is AWESOME! I have the Epic model. I use it everyday it doesn't rain. I cook all kinds of food on it. Steaks, Pork Chops, Frozen Pizzas, Breakfast. I could go on and on. It's also easy to clean and maintain too. I recommend buying the Holland Cleaning kit too. You want to keep the drip pan clean.


I just got the wrangler with sear mate 2 wks ago,,havent masterd the sear mate yet,,but love the grill cooked chicken wings on it last nite per recipe on holland site and they were AWSOME

Narrow Path

I have two of them and live next a lake! Considering using them for fish habitat....they both suck!
I have the legacy and the gal I married has the Traditon. Up to an hr to cook hamburgers! That is after the dealer installed bigger orfices! If it is below 60 degrees outside....forget lighting either one of them!

@Narrow Path

If you let the dealer change to oversized orifices, both you & the dealer voided any warranty on your grills.

If the grills don't heat to 400+, call Holland & get them corrected. If you are on LP gas, you probably just need a regulator reset. If you don't know about this, call Holland & find out.


I too have a Legacy & a Tradition as well as a Companion. I think you made need a regulator reset or a new regulator. I can get mine up to 375 even on a night where is is 50 out.
There is info on here to reset the regulator.

Narrow Path

Thanks AJ I will look into that!
"If you let the dealer change to oversized orifices, both you & the dealer voided any warranty on your grills." How would I know that....he is the dealer!


Yes...have had it two weeks and I love it...