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Topic Title: Vidalia Onions
Created on May 8, 2008 at 08:06 PM

Terry ( Illinois )

The local Shriners were selling the onions for their hospitals. I chose 4 of the largest ones, cut the tops off flush and left most of the skin on. Then I cut a hole large enough for a square of chicken bullion to set all the way in. I put all 4 in a rectangle foil pan with the top open and let them bake for an hour maybe more.
Get your fork and knife ready, sweet and juicy. What a great complement to any meal. My wife wants to add butter and salt, but I think I needs no more.


Terry--Vidalia onions on the Holland are awesome. I do the same thing with large red apples. Cut out the core, fill it with butter and cinnamon, wrap in foil and grill for about 40 minutes. Wow!

Terry (Illinois)

Hi Grillah, I've got to try the apples, something sweet after all them onions!
I'm interested if you have a charcoal grill also. You seem very grill savvy. I love the smell and taste from charcoal and wish I could burn a few in my Holland.


no problem Terry. Just wrap some hickory chips or chips of choice, in a tin foil packet and compeletly close the pack. Take a fork and puncture some small holes in the top of it. This will pervent any flames. After you are done, clean up of ash is easy, just through away the pack.

Terry ( Illinois)

Great idea for the wood chips, my hickory chips were on fire when I put the hamburgers on tonight. I use the open bud tray which is OK for the Holland buds.