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Topic Title: tender chicken strips
Created on May 16, 2012 at 11:01 PM


Our favorite chicken to grill is marinated in a Weber marinade and cut into strips. With the Holland, we haven't figured out how to slow cook them so they are tender and don't dry out or burn around the edges. Can someone help with this? Thanks!

Grill Man

Have you tried using water in the drip pan to lower the temp? You can also crack the lid about an inch to lower the temp even more. You might also need to reduce your cooking time.

Tom Kirkman

They're not going to dry out on the Holland, even at the 400F temp, unless you over cook them. I do all sorts of chicken dishes on my Holland at 400+F and I've yet to have any of them come out dry. In fact, they're downright juicy and tender.


I'd like to chime in on this. I just want to say that there is no type of cooker of any kind that can compare with a Holland for cooking chicken. Personally, I like the dark cuts best, because of flavor. But when we have friends over (my mother is a white meat purest) they are blown away by the texture and juice of chicken cooked on my grill. It's almost completely idiot proof!


Well, I never fancied myself an idiot, but having had the grill for only a week I'm sure we have a lot to learn. I have thought of the water n the drip pan but haven't tried that yet. We do crack the lid though. If cooked quickly, thin sliced boneless skinless chicken breast isn't all that tender. I'll try the water in the drip pan and see if that does the trick. Thanks!

Tom Kirkman

Don't crack the lid and don't put water in the drip pan. None of that is necessary to cook juicy, moist, tender chicken on the Holland.

Chet in MS

I just stick a thermometer in the breast and close the lid...when the temp is done...take to table. It will be tender and moist. No water needed...

Chet in MS

Temperature gauge has got to be 180 degrees...