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Topic Title: Orifice?
Created on May 26, 2012 at 12:39 PM


I have just ordered a Holland Apex and would like to know if it comes with both LPG and natural gas orifices?

Stafford P

No. The orifices are available in the PARTS section of the web-site under GAS COMPONENTS.


So I suspect it will already have an LPG orifice? And if I want to connect to nat'l gas I'd have to buy an orifice? Thanks for your previous answer!


If you are buying a stand-alone Apex with a cabinet, it will come set-up for LP gas. You will need a #53 orifice for NG & a gas supply hose similar to the Holland 12' QD hose in the ACCESSORIES section.
If you are buying an Apex body-only for installation in an island, it will come set-up for NG gas, but you will need to buy an NG hose.