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Topic Title: Igniter Broken
Created on June 10, 2012 at 10:47 PM


The other day I went out to cook some food on my nearly one year old Holland grill (Wrangler) and when I turned the igniter knob it busted. Spring, black cap, and another piece with a white plastic cap and a metal rod sticking out all fell out. After tinkering with it for a while I figured it out and put it back in place and it worked fine. Today I tried to light the grill and it busted again but this time it will not go back in.

I think I am trying to put it back together properly but I don't see anything in the manual about it so I am not sure. I sandwich the spring between the two pieces with the metal rod going into the spring, insert the three items into the igniter tube with the white piece first, snap on the black cap. I can't even get the black cap to snap on anymore.

Any ideas?

@ Luke

Call Holland & get it replaced. Your igniter has a 1 year warranty.
If it's over a year, the igniter replacement kit is in the Accessories section of the web-site.


I just bought my grill and the igniter worked fine for a few days and now it won't ignite. It looks like the knob is stripped. Not building a good reputation for the price paid and broken in a couple of weeks. When the igniter did work there was a clanking noise. Now nothing. the knob just spins. Any ideas on what is wrong or if it can be adjusted to work again.


Call Holland & get it replaced. Your igniter has a 1 year warranty.

@ Marc

Before you blame Holland, make sure your knob is fully engaged on the stem. There is a bar across the bottom of the hole in the knob. That bar must be fully engaged in the slot in the end of the stem.
There are some little ribs on the stem that will work for a short time, then they will round over & the knob will slip if the knob was not fully engaged.