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Topic Title: Holland vs. Traeger
Created on June 15, 2012 at 04:59 PM


I have a Holland grill and Love it. But the Traeger wood pellet grill seems cool too. Any comments about a comparing the two products?

Tom Kirkman

Okay, forgive the length, but I have both and can offer a good comparison.

Both work in much the same way - indirect heat and cook by time, like in an oven. Both serve up great food.

Because the Traeger cooks with wood pellets, smoking is a given. Everything you cook will have smoke flavor. They state that at the higher temps 400F to 450F, the pellets burn hot and clean so smoke is minimal. Well, that's true sort of, but everything I've cooked on the Traeger has smoke flavor I don't think you can avoid it. Sometimes this is a plus, sometimes it's not.

The Traeger has 3 cooking temps (Holland has two - standard and steaming), although they also offer a digital thermostat (I have that) so you can dial in a temp and get it, no matter the outside temperature or wind. Very nice. Works very well.

The Traeger has no provision for steaming, although you can put a pan of water, or beer, etc., inside and get some steam going. So it's not out of the question. The Traeger is a great grill! You would not be disappointed in one. You'll love it.

Now having said all that, last year I used my Traeger (Lil' Tex) about a half dozen times. I used my Holland Apex over 250 times. The Holland is simply more versatile. It will do everything the Traeger will do and more. Yes, my Holland will impart a smoke flavor if I want to do that (but it won't "smoke" as a means of cooking) and I can steam with it if I want. It just allows me more options with less trouble (and doesn't leave the garage and house smelling like a wood fire the next day).

So two great grills, but if I could only have one, it'd be the Holland. No contest.


Thanks for your input. I love my Holland and I use the wood chip drawer when cooking Pork and sometimes Hamburgers. Maybe some day I will have both myself. But I use my Holland just about everyday it doesn't rain.


I own a Holland and a Traeger. I use the Holland ninety percent of the time. If you have the time and like high fiddle factors, then a smoker is just for you. The Traeger is good for slabs of meat, but for my personal preferance, I'd rather have burgers, steaks, chicken and fish on the Holland. Plus, the Holland heats up quicker. I could go on selling the Holland........

Tom Kirkman


Sounds like you reached the same conclusion I did!

One of my buddies, who is a long time Traeger user, recently told me that he thinks the Holland is the more versatile grill. I tend to agree. Both are exceptional grills, but the Holland will do more.


Tom, Have you ever noticed that with the Traeger, you have to plan ahead? I can turn the temp down or up and wonder how long it's going to take with the Traeger. I know what my Holland is doing and don't have to guess about anything. As I write this, I'm baking spuds on the Traeger and saving the Holland for New York Strips.

Tom Kirkman

I originally had the standard temp control with 3 settings. I got some pretty wild heat swings due to the nature of the auger starting and stopping. Probably has as much as 50F to 80F swings going on all the time.

So I bought the digital control which continues to feed pellets and maintain the selected temp no matter how hot or cold the outside temp is, or if the wind is blowing or not. It's much better. Works almost exactly like an oven. I highly recommend this for the Traeger. It's a great feature if for no other reason that you can maintain your temp perfectly.

I like the Traeger. It's a fine grill. But I think the Holland is more versatile. The Holland is also less expensive to operate by at least half. I'm not about to sell my Traeger, but it don't get a tenth the use my Holland does.