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Topic Title: Considering A Holland
Created on June 16, 2012 at 08:03 PM


I'm looking for a new gas grill and been researching the Holland. Been reading this blog for several days. Went to look at one this morning and will probably decide within a couple of weeks. I was somewhat concerned with the cooking grate. It seemed a little flimsey in the middle. Anyone had any trouble with warpage when cooking large, heavy items like turkey or pork shoulders?

Tom Kirkman

No. It works perfectly. I've used mine over 250 times the first year and will beat that this year. No warp, no sag.


Wow, Tom! You must cook practically every meal on your Holland. Would be nice if they offered a side burner.

Tom Kirkman

I use it practically every night weather permitting.

You can still find New Old Stock Holland Side Burners at some of their dealers.


I have three Hollands....the grate warping is NOT an issue


The grate does flex but it does not warp.

If you want a heavier cooking grate with the cooking grade expanded metal like the Holland buy a grate for the Phoenix. Its built heavier and stouter and is a direct fit.

However you will be happy with the standard issue one that comes with your Holland. I have 4 Hollands and could not be happier. Also have a Phoenix and am happy with that.


Hey- Our Holland is heavy duty- that grid held a turkey and a ham at the same time last Christmas- did you know you can get a free dvd that shows some of the Holland features and recipe demos- it would be really helpful in making your grill purchase decision. Also check out the cookout calendar for a cooking demo in your area- you will love the Holland grill!


Hello. I, too, am considering a Holland grill...particularly the Wrangler. I've been back and forth between a traditional gas grill and the Holland. I have a Weber Kettle and use it for most of my grilling. The Holland intrigues me, but I'm still needing a little convincing. My only concern is the searing. I won't be able to buy the additional side unit off the bat. Should I be concerned, or will I be pleased with the Wrangler as it stands?!


Personally I think you need not to be concerned.

I have 4 Hollands a Phoenix (Holland knockoff) and 2 traditional gas grills along with a kettle like yourself a PK grill and a couple of BGE's. Best steaks come off the Holland and Phoenix without a doubt. I have a searmate retrofitted on my Holland Classic and like it but its not an essential. In fact my family likes the steaks on the Phoenix the best for some reason so I have used my searmate less than I would like but would not give it up for lack of usage.

Smoking meat is a whoe different story at least at my house the ceramic grills shine in that category.

Tom Kirkman

I stopped searing when I found out how much better the food was without it.

Just my personal taste, I suppose, but everybody that eats a steak off my Holland talks about how great it tastes compared to what they're used to. The secret is the Holland indirect heat and no searing (burning).


I agree with the previous post. You do not need to sear to get good taste. Use the money you save from not buying the Searmate on other useful Holland accessories.


I'm 65 years old and have had a Holland Grill for 4 years and can say that I've never had a better steak than that which I've grilled on a Holland Grill. I've had steaks in restrants from Texis to KC to Chicago to NY to SC, and nothing compares to a Holland for taste and flavor. I do not have a searmate and do not recommend one with a Holland Grill.


Grate is not flimsy at all. Do two 10-11lb. turkeys together each Thanksgiving.


I've been cooking with my Holland grill for almost 10 years. I love that there has never, ever been a flare-up. Only thing I wish my grill had was a side burner. Greg