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Topic Title: Holland vs. Phoenix
Created on June 29, 2012 at 12:19 AM


Ok, I'm looking to replace my gas grill and I like the drip pan concept. I can get a Holland Apex for $999 or a stainless Phoenix for $860 in my area. The main difference seems to be the adjustable heat control on the Phoenix and it also has a heavy cast aluminum drip pan. Anyone care to comment about their experience with the two models? I've been reading lots of good comments in the blog about Holland but I also like the idea of adjustable heat control. Thanks for any feedback.


I have 4 Hollands and a Phoenix.

Both great grills. Both cook about identical with some minor differences. My family likes the steaks that come off the Phoenix better than the Holland. Conversely my family likes the chicken off the Holland better.

The Phoenix is built much heavier than the Holland. This does not equate to being better than Holland but no comparison in materials from the cooking grate to drip pan.

Holland uses 1 burner Cast Iron with no temp control. Phoenix uses a stainless steel dual burner arangement with temp control (read no detents) so it runs the gamut of temps from 200 to 600 degrees without water in the drip pan.

With the above two paras in mind Holland provides a better warranty on its drip pan and burner than does Phoenix. Keep in mind that Weber grills provide a great warranty also with my point being Warranties don't "cook"!

What it comes down to for you is how you cook. Its hard for me to say this without knowing you but if you are somewhat impatient and are running late and want a quick burger or dog I'd lean towards the Phoenix with the temp controls and higher potential cooking temps. If you are not impatient you have two great choices in grills which with proper maintenace will last you a long long time.


JC, thanks for the feedback. Do you ever have any flareups on the Phoenix?


Not at all.

Grease, juices etc just like on the Holland never come in contact with direct flame.

You can't go wrong with a Holland or a Phoenix. Food off of both grills is awesome.

Tom Kirkman

One of the best features of the Holland is the single burner, on or off control.

You don't have to guess at anything. You don't bother with things like "low, medium or high" heat selection. You just learn how long things take to cook at about 400F to 430F and cook them for that long. Repeatable results every time. No muss, no fuss, no guessing.

Simple is often better.