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Topic Title: holland classic II gas valve trouble
Created on July 5, 2012 at 09:30 PM


when i light my grill sometimes the flame will go full force for a few minutes and then its sounds like the wind blows it out. i then relight it and it does it again. it only does it sometimes. im getting to where i have to stand by the grill and babysit it to make sure the flame doesnt go out.i am thinking that since the grill is fairly old that the valve is getting sloppy and letting in too much gas and it cant burn it efficiently and it just blows it self out. i have adjusted the air/fuel mixture on the front of the grill and still once in awhile i get this problem. maybe it has been to windy for it to operate correctly latley im not sure. i am considering buying a new gas valve for the grill although holland doesnt make that particular valve anymore they have switched to an angled gas valve. will this angled gas valve work on my classic II? i think it was made in 1995. any info or suggestions on how to fix this problem would be very helpful thank you.


has anyone ever heard of these gas valves going bad? i understand that the holland isnt 100% wind proof but the wind that we had blowing didnt seem to me like it should have blown the grill out. i do remember someone posted quite awhile back that these gas valves were known to be a bit troublesome once in awhile.

Dave Easley

My first thought on a older grill would be a problem with the regulator. Your best bet is to call Holland and ask them for their help. They get all the calls for help, have engineers in-house and have a much better idea how to fix problems than the other owners. Gas related problems can get serious and out of hand very quickly. Ask the pros at Holland.

@ Austin

Have you considered just removing the gas valve, unscrewing the orifice off it & checking it for blockage? It doesn't take much to partially block the little hole in the orifice, just a flake of something.

When you are having gas flow problems, vacuum out the burner & clear the gas valve. Very basic. If that doesn't fix it, replace the hose/regulator.


thanks for the help. went to home depot tonight and bought a replacement regulator/hose. out everything back together and it seems to be running pretty freely now. i got that blue flame back that i used to have when i first got the grill. hope this fixes the problem.


Just wondering if you figured out the issue? we light our grill and it burns fine while the cover is down when we open the cover the flame goes out. ANyone know why that would be?