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Topic Title: Chalky Exterior on Brand New Epic--Normal?
Created on July 8, 2012 at 01:14 AM


We are "test-driving" a demo model of an Epic this weekend. I noticed it had some chalky looking stains on the exterior, some spots even had chalky fingerprint marks. I thought maybe it would come off, but after using soap & water to go over the exterior, the marks remain. Is this normal? Did your new unit have any marks like this or can we assume whomever assembled it may have damaged the surface by having something on their hands when assembling? Any suggestions on what to try to clean it with tomorrow? We can get a discount by keeping the demo, but I don't want to if this is damage. Thanks!


Try "Barkeepers Friend" or "Dawn Power Dissolver". Either should work.

Dave Easley

When bare aluminum is exposed to the elements it can oxidize. The result is aluminum oxide, which is a white, chalky powder. Perhaps that is what you are seeing. Holland may be able to give you some suggestions on what to do about it.

@ Miguella

Just residual moisture coming through the powder coating.
Spray a rag with Pam & wipe it down.


Great suggestions--thank you! We won't be afraid to keep this one now! Especially after the steaks we had last night & I am sure, after the butt roast I have planned today!


do NOT use Dawn Power Dissolver on the black paint of an epic. You risk having the paint come off. Dawn PD is great on stainless, NOT painted surfaces
Trust me. I found out the hard way.


Sorry to hear you have had issues with Dawn PD. I however have not had any issues with it on my Classic or Epic.

@ Carl

A quick spray on & wipe off with PD should be fine. Just don't soak it down & leave it on overnight.