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Topic Title: Hard Lesson Learned - Don't make my mistake
Created on July 15, 2012 at 01:40 AM


Making ribs with apple wood chips (wrapped in foil and stuffed along the space along the left and back-left sides of the grill to get enough heat and smoke). Used 1 qt of apple juice, 4 long neck beers, and water to fill the heat reflector to full.

1.5 hours on a rib rack, then wrapped in foil, coverd in bbq sauce and healthy drizzle of butter (2 sticks for 6 full racks and 3 jars bbq sauce.) Wrapped foil tight, put in a meat thermometer and returned to grill until above 200 deg. (didn't realize before but 200 is a critical temp for ribs to break down fat and sinewy tissue to make ribs tender).

Hit 200 degrees in another 1 hr 45 mins for a total cook time of 3 hours 15 mins. I didn't refill the fluid so that the last 10 mins temp got to 350 . EXCELLENT, fall off teh bone ribs.

DON'T EVER DO THIS. When I went to scrape the grill, the evaporated fluid left the drain trough and some of the drip pan covered in a carmelized apple juice gunk about teh consistency of a carmel candy apple.

I think the next time, I'll do the smoking, without fluid, for the FIRST 15 mins and THEN fill the drip pan with liquid.

I'm thoroughly embarrassed at my dumb mistake, feel better about confessing, but need suggestions for getting the caramel off my grill. HELP!!!



Your ribs sure sounded great! I don't know if this will work for you, but I've "steam cleaned" my holland a few times when gunk builds up. I just fill the drip pan full (a gallon) with plain water (close the drain of course) then light it and let it steam for an hour or so.......when the water got really low, I drained the rest out (careful, it's hot) and then immediately scraped the drip pan. Worked for me. Good luck.


I'm going to try that, but I don't think it will work. The gooey caramel is 1/4" thick in some spots.


This should work. Hot water is the only thing that cleans a caramel candy pan. :)