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Topic Title: bucket
Created on July 22, 2012 at 10:11 PM

Bald Man Dave

Where can I find a replace ment bucket for the drippings? I don't see it on the Holland website. I've only had my Holland for 14 years's about time I get a clean dip bucket!

Tom Kirkman

Very often you can find these very inexpensive galvanized buckets at hardware stores. Not necessarily Lowes or Home Depot, but any really community hardware store.


If you burn citronella candles for skeeters that bucket may be used also.

@ Dave

The drip bucket is on the web-site in the "Parts" section. Click on any of the more current models , then click on "Bottom components". The bucket is part number SG2-1000.


after you get your new bucket cut the top off a 2 liter pop bottle put it in your bucket that will keep it clean


I do like Fred's post above. I use a Brummel and Brown margarine container with about and inch of water to line my bucket. When it gets dirty you have the option of pouring out the mess into a empty plastic bottle and then clean the tub or just put the lid on the tub with the grease in it and pitch it.