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Topic Title: propane tank gets too hot
Created on July 24, 2012 at 11:31 PM


I bought a maverick model grill for a friend of mine who loved my older model holland grill. the new model has the gas cylinder directly under the bottom of the grill in a three sided compartment. When cooking on the grill, the cylinder get very hot. Is this normal and could the propane cylinder explode. I recommended this grill to him and he is afraid to use it. Please help!


Does your friend have the heat shield installed on the grill? It attaches underneath the bottom shell between the shell and the tankk.

The pedestal design of that grill is very simular to my SS Legacy and I have never had a problem with the tank getting hot

@ Richard

You or your friend should be calling Holland on this, not posting on a blog. The tank heat shield may or may not be missing. If it is missing & the dealer cannot furnish it, call Holland. 1-800-880-9766


The Maverick grill is not worth the money. The drain pan will not drain. This is the third Holland grill I have purchased and it is nothing like the others.


How does this relate to the topic???