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Topic Title: Premiere
Created on July 28, 2012 at 12:42 AM


On Craigslist I found a Premiere BH421-SS1 for $200. It's like brand new. Inside and out. They never really used it cause it didn't get hot.

I'm sure they're telling everyone how they took me for the money - well, nice people so maybe not.

But I cleaned the grill drip pan. Followed the instructions here to clean the burner inside and out. And guess what?

I just got a brand new SS Holland.


good job! I've had mine for 16 years now there may be a few things you might want to do to it. first the filters if there still there throw them away also the drip pan should be stainless you may want to order a new aluminim one heats more evenly check temp with oven themometer, if not getting up to 425 order a new orfice (size will be in the parts section) I've done these things a few years ago and mine is cooking perfect now !


Dave - thanks. There were no filters so somebody apparently knew. I'll have to check the thermometer and see what I'm getting.

I switched the new aluminum drip pan from my Classic to this one - I did it cause it was new but sounds like the right thing to do.

I'll check the temp. Nice thing is I work in Holly Springs right next to the Holland office so I can walk in and grab and orifice.

I've been hooked on Holland since Brad used to cook for us in the bird dog club down in Clayton years ago.


After I cleaned the Premiere's drip pan got to thinking about that one I just bought...I rebuilt a Classic a few years ago.