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Topic Title: Price Of Apex
Created on July 28, 2012 at 10:44 AM


I've decided to buy a Holland and think I might want to get the Apex. I found a dealer about 30 minutes away that will sell me the Apex for $999 plus tax. He will also assemble it free of charge. Does this sound reasonable or could I save more money by shopping around? Thank You.


Buy it. He is selling below the MAP or minimum advertised price allowed by Holland. Dealers can loose the ability to sell these grills by going below the MAP.


Where are you located?


Located in central N.C. area.

Tom Kirkman

That's a pretty good price and about what I paid for all three of the Apex's I've bought.

Ask him to throw in a bottle of Carolina Seasoning and a grill cover and tell him you'll take it.