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Topic Title: Junk grill and service
Created on August 3, 2012 at 06:46 PM


I have made several calls to Holland, they just tell me someone will can me later in the day. I have never heard back. The dealer where I bought the grill from just tells me to get in touch with Holland. After several trips to the dealer in Ohio near me finally they said they would look at it. I took it in today, we will see. What a headache for paying $500+ for a grill that you really thought was a good investment. All you people that have responded on my topic that say "how great" the Holland is, if it is so great I have a slightly used Maverick for sale for $300, come and get it!

Tom Kirkman

Your experience is far from the norm where Holland Customer Service is concerned. In fact, I...

Oops, got to go - chicken wings are ready to come off the Holland.


Really funny, when I wrote on here about my problems everyone spouted off how good the grills are and kept going. After I put comment about I would sell the slightly used $500+ grill for $300 I have not had a single reply. I guess it isn't as great as they all say. Also I said I took it back to the dealer where I bought it, drove past yesterday (Sunday 8/12) Still sitting OUTSIDE on the front porch of the business in the same spot I dropped it off in myself on 8/3. Just GREAT and WONDERFUL service. You would think if Holland is so GREAT they would surely be more picky on how sells the product wouldn't you?? You would think Holland would just buy it back to shut me up?? Oh wait a minute that's right, Holland WON'T even call me back. They answer the phone, connect me to Phil or Dan and then they tell me someone will call me right back and hang up. This has happened 3 times and NO ONE has EVER called me yet. BUY CHINA, at least when it is junk in a short time you don't have a ton of money you are out.


Not to anonymous when you post the same "balloon juice" in another thread.

I myself think their is more to this story than you are telling.

If I remember correctly you altered something that your seller/dealer told you to do. Holland did not tell you to do it.

Why not blast the dealer vice Holland. Heck grow a set and stop by the dealer and ask what gives.

I certainly agree with you that Holland should be more selective on who sells their product if in fact they are drilling out orifice and pass on bum information.


I have stopped and called the dealer also, nobody gives a crap, they got there money. As far as altering something, think about it. Say your car has an issue, you go to the "dealer" and tell them, they tell you to do something different to fix it, you will do it without thinking because they are the dealer and represent the manufacturer. There is no more to the story, I have nothing to hide, no reason. Holland has a website I can voice my issue on, the dealer doesn't so here I am. Sorry I forgot to put my name on the one that says "Anonymous" that was not done on purpose, I just forgot to put my name and it automaticly shows up anonymous. I have NOTHING to hide and I will talk to anyone about what happened if they want to hear.


Just so you know, I did just get to talk to the dealer again to see what they have done with my grill in the last 10 days. Now the story is that Holland won't sell them a new orifice. What the heck is up with that?? So basically the dealer is telling me it can't be repaired now. Anyone that wants to help me out call my dealer West Side Feed in Bucyrus OH at 419-562-6806


Just so everyone knows what is going on that is following my issue. I have now talked with the top person at Holland. He "promised" me that he himself will be involved with this issue and call me back within a couple days with what Holland can do for me or my grill. I know I was told by Phil and Dan at Holland that someone would call me before and no one ever did. I will give this guy a chance and hope he does follow up with me as promised. Everyone who reads this knows that when someone says that they will call you with follow up and they never do, how does that make you feel?? That is bad for business. That is what has been happening but I will have an open mind and give this guy a chance on his word, hopefully he will come through. I don't care who takes care of my problem, Holland or the dealer where I bought it, I just want someone to stand behind the product. It is not my fault that I listened to a "dealer" that represents Holland and they told me to do something wrong, is it?? If your car "dealer" tells you to do something you do it, right? You don't call the manufacturer first.


I want to thank Barry Byars, Scott Warner and Rod Rickert all of The Holland Grill Co. My grill was reworked with some new parts on 8/20/12 and is now back to the way it should be. It performed better yesterday than is ever has. This has been a learning experience for all that has been involved. I hope I have many years of good grilling to come now. Thanks, Paul



Thats great news and I'm sure you will get many years of great use out of it.