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Topic Title: Excellent ribs
Created on August 5, 2012 at 12:12 PM


We just finished eating the BEST "country ribs" following the reciepe on page 95 "fall off the bone tender ribs". Just follow the directions. I prEpared the ribs the night before, rubbing done with olive oil, seasoning with Carolina Seasoning, letting it marinate over night. Next day, preheated my Holland Grill and cooked them, bone side down, for 45 minutes, not turning, then taking them out and placing in a aluminum pan, sprayed with non stick cooking spray, covering them with my favorite BBQ sauce, tightly covered with aluminum foil, for another 45 minutes. Then took them out and cooked them for 15 minutes making sure I coated them with the sauce in the pan. Wow! They were so tender, almost melting in your mouth. Even though some ends were a burnt, they still tasted awsome. Highly recommend this receipe.
I did marinate one rib in Batch 487, which was awsome also. However, the Carolina Seasoning is superb, highly recommend it when seasoning meats or vegetables.

Tom Kirkman


When using a sauce that has sugar in it, put it on as late as possible to prevent the sugar from burning - that's probably where your "burnt ends" came from. Sugar burns easily.

Otherwise, now you've got me wanting to do ribs this week!


Tom, a very simple receipe, anyone can do it. Wife and father talked about it for 2 days. Son's family enjoyed leftovers too.
Next up may be a brisket.


Jerry did you put them bone side down in the pan as well?? and what side up for the last 15min?? Thanks'


Roger, placed them bone side down in the pan. I believe the same for the last 15 minutes on the grill. I also poured some of the BBQ sauce from the pan onto the ribs for those last 15 minutes and used the rest to dip.

Cindy K

What kind of ribs are used in this recipe?


Cindy, I used country style ribs, very meaty, some with bones. I cooked them last Wed for my brother in Houston and he loved them. Just follow the directions and you are good.

Cindy K

Is there a recipe somewhere, or just go by your first post - sorry, I never have made ribs before, so do you mean beef or pork? Don't mean to sound dumb. LOL


Cindy, the recipe is similar to the one on the website under Recipes, look for Pork, then Finger-Lickin Ribs, or if you have the Holland Grill Family Cookbook, see page 96 or on page 95 is the recipe I actually used, Fall-Off the Bone Tender Ribs. Both look to be real similar.
If you haven't bought the cook book, it has some really good recipes for meats, sauces, vegetables, and game.
Hey, the site is for all your questions. Hope you enjoy the ribs.

Cindy K

thanks, I might have to get that book!