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Topic Title: Grill Temperature
Created on May 15, 2008 at 05:19 PM


I have been reading recipes here and am anxious to try them but I do not know how hot to set the temperature of the grill. Any help will be appreciated.


Full size Hollands do not have temperature adjustments. You fire them up, let them preheat & put the food on. Most foods will cook at approx. 350/400 degrees. You just vary the times the food is left on the grill until done. Under "Recipes" on this site, you can get estimated times for a starter. Very different from other grills, but much simpler once you get the hang of it.

Wi Geezer

I have a Traditional by's the worst grill've ever spent $600.00 +++ dollars on.....It won't heat above 250 degrees.....and God knows, food can't be effectively cooked @ 250 degrees F.....!!!!! And there are NO servicing dealers near Racine, WI......and you can forget the factory being of ANY help.....!!!!!!

LP Indirector

Hi WiGeezer, If you would like some advice, all you have to do is ask. We would be happy to give you some help with your grill.

@ Wi Geezer

Have you tried the "Quick fix" tips on this web-site under "Trouble-shooting"? The temp you are getting is typical of an LP grill where you have done something to activate the regulator safety valve. You probably just need to do the reset.
Your grill should preheat to at least 400 degrees in normal outdoor temps. If it doesn't, call Holland so they can help.


i agree with these fellows Geezer your grill has a minor issue,possibly the regulator, my Tradition cooks awesomely.They'll get it sorted out for you....patience good man! I'm sure it ruined your grill out with friends or family....g'luck and enjoy your awesome new grill