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Topic Title: Temperature Gauges
Created on August 8, 2012 at 01:02 AM

Tom Kirkman

My first Apex had/has the older round, white background temp gauge. By turning the nut on the backside, you can calibrate it to be pretty accurate. I set mine to the outside temp prior to using it the first time. Utilizing an oven temp gauge on the cooking grid, I find the lid gauge to be about 25F lower than the gauge on the grid itself. In other words, if the lid gauge shows 425F, the cooking grid temp is about 450F. I've found this to be very accurate.

My new Apex has the newer oval, black background temp gauge. Compared to the grid temp gauge, it reads roughly 75 degrees HIGHER. So when the oven gauge on the grid shows 450F, the lid gauge shows 525F. I believe the tempt at the lid to be closer to 425F so these gauges, this one anyway, is/are way off. Unfortunately there is no way to calibrate them.

I mention this only because those of you who are thinking your Holland is cooking way above the rated temp may want to check that temp by the use of an oven gauge on the grid itself. Any temperature problem may be with the lid gauge, not the grill itself.