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Topic Title: Wireless Thermometer
Created on August 17, 2012 at 11:40 PM


Some months ago I purchased a wireless thermometer from Holland. The remote unit would never establish a connection with the base unit. Troubleshooting guide indicated low battery issues. I was in the middle of cooking so I threw it in my drawer and used my old wired thermometer.

I just got around to putting batteries in it and it still won't establish a connection. Even though it was like this out of the box, I'm certain I let the warranty expire.

Anyone have any experience with this unit and have suggestion for me?


Call Holland and tell them you're haveing provlems with a wireless thermometer. I did and they had a guy that talked me through it. Worked for me, good luck.


Simon, Do you recall what the Holland rep told you that fixed the problem?


Many thanks to the customer service at Holland. The fix for my problem was indeed new batteries. I would have never believed it, but the brand of batteries made a difference! New, off brand batteries did not provide sufficent current to power the transmitter/base unit. USE NEW, BRAND NAME BATTERIES! THANKS HOLLAND!


I found that rechargable batteries won't work because they produce less voltage than regular batteries.


I just got a Wrangler Grill and I am loving it. I bought the wireless thermometer the same day. Since it was a Holland Grill and a Holland Thermometer I tossed it atop my bacon. Not suppose to put it atop embers or coals, so I thought the gas would be fine atop the grill. NOPE! I got a HH (High Heat) reading and it hasn't worked since. I'm working on getting a replacement thermometer via Holland now. We'll see what happens.