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Topic Title: Door rubs base
Created on August 20, 2012 at 06:11 PM


Hi folks, I'm the proud owner of a new Epic grill. The first few meals we have done on it have been great. I have one little issue that I can't find any info on. The door on the front rubs the grill base on the latch side when it is opened and closed and is wearing the paint off there. I don't see any way to adjust it. Anyone have an idea how to correct this? Many thanks, Stu

Dave Easley

My Apex came with some plastic washers to put on the bottom hinge pin to adjust the height of the door. Each one is about 1/8 inch thick. I used two to raise the door. If you don't find them in your parts, you should call Holland. I'm sure thay will help you.

Gary D

As Dave said. Two black nylon washers on the bottom hinge pin. If you don't have them, call Holland.


Thanks guys, I'll look for the washers. My dealer assembled the grill so i will have to look and see. If not there, I will add them. Thanks!


The 2 plastic washers were in place so I just added another I had laying around. It was just the corner opposite the hinge that rubbed. It's like the cabinet is crooked but at least it doesn't rub now. Made some great brownies and a potato casserole on it this weekend as well as couple of breakfasts. Very impressed at how versatile it is.