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Topic Title: Cleaning the outside of a stainless Holland Grill
Created on September 11, 2012 at 10:03 PM


I am a satisfied owner of what is now a 9 year old Holland grill with a SS body. Unfortunately, I have not been proactive when it comes to cleaning the exterior. I have always kept it indoors, but it suffers from all those years of baked on grease. I've surfed the internet a bit, but have not found anything out there that isn't trying to sell me something.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


I've used Barkeepers Friend to clean my Stainless Steel Legacy, Companion and an AOG grill with great results. Even after you think you got all the BKF off run over the exterior with a damp paper towel.

Dawn Power Dissolver works well also but I like BKF better. Dawn Power Sissolver is getting harder to find but my local Taylors Do It Center still sells it. BKF can be found at many grocery stores or Home Depot in liquuid or powder form. BKF is great to clean the Mrs stainless steel kitchen sink or if you have and RV the stainless sink in their as well.

After the major cleanup I then rub both of them down with a lite coat of WD-40 with the grain of the stainless steel. Makes later cleanup a bit easier.

Tom Kirkman

If the grill is stainless steel, it is safe to use oven cleaner on it. I'd remove the body from the stand and coat it liberally with OC. Let stand an hour or two and hose off under pressure. It should come back looking like brand new.

Beat in mind that most oven cleaners are not suitable for aluminum nor any painted surfaces.



Do you use the liquid or powder of BKF? What do you use to apply it? If you use a Scotchbright, do you get any scratches?


I have used both with no degradation (read scratches). Got to admit the liquid is more convenient.

If by "Scotchbite" you mean one of those green things should be no problem. Heck I just used paper towels and it was fine. I've used a razor blade before on my Legacy and no issues. Used the blade around the stacks and on the rear of the lid where it meets the bottom section.

When you are done cleaninig do take a damp paper towel/rag to it to get any residual BKF stuff off. Give it a shot of a stainless steel polish or WD-40 to finishthe job. Wipe either of those two off with the grain and it will look like new.

I've also used BKF on my Companion which I lug along camping.


WD 40. You won't believe nor regret the results!