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Topic Title: Grease coming out the bottom of smoke stacks
Created on September 22, 2012 at 12:15 PM


I've had my Holland Epic for about 5 months now, and love it. I noticed the other day that there are a couple streaks of grease coming out the bottom of my smoke stacks and running down the back of the lid. Not sure if my explanation makes sense, but just seeing if anyone else has that issue as well.


Tom Kirkman

It's not uncommon. My stacks are sealed to the lid a little better, so the grease just drips off the edges of the stacks and runs down from there.

Not an indication that anything is wrong - you're just cooking some juicy food!


This is normal. Before you raise lid, triple fold a paper towel and wipe under the stacks or the grease will stain the back side of the lid.