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Topic Title: Using Wrangler first time
Created on September 27, 2012 at 04:10 PM


I just got a Wrangler from my wife for our 30th anniversary. I tried to cook two porter house steaks and they were probably between an inch and an inch and a half thick. After reading the time charts I figured that it would take about 14 minutes per side. Well it ended up taking about 25 minutes per side. Is this a normal variation from the time charts?


You left out the most important piece of information. How hot did your grill get after preheat? How hot was it during cooking?
A Wrangler should preheat to about 450/475 this time if the year. How hot it gets will detrmine your cooking times.


Perfectly normal except for Kirkman's grill. He'll chime in in a minute with 5 minuted per side to medium well.


I'm with Ted that its perfectly normal well at least on either of my Hollands (Classic/Legacy).

Tom Kirkman

I can't do it in 5 minutes per side. Takes about 6.5 minutes per side, per inch.

But no matter - what YOU want to do is keep track of how long it took and what the cooking temperature was. This will be repeatable, every time.

One last thing, and I'm not saying you did this, but every time you raise the lid to look at your steaks, you lose heat which then takes a few minutes to recover. Once you nail down the temp and cooking time - trust the Holland. Leave the lid closed, flip only once, and then do it quickly, and just walk away until your timer rings.


Thanks everyone for yur comments! I didn't raise the lid until I got to the 14 minute mark. As far as preheating I so far haven't been able to get the temp to much over 400 degrees but I assume that if the gauge is saying 400 then the grid is probably 450. I grilled some chicken breasts and the chart said 12 minutes and I cooked for 14 and they were perfect! This is one fine piece of equipment! I just transitioned from a Weber that I had for 13 years and I really love my Wrangler!


Welcome to the Holland Family JMS1954. I,am a pround Wrangler owner for a year & half. One of the best investments I ever made!! My grill never gets over 400 degrees, & that's in the middle of summer up here in Wi.As the frozen tundra gets more bitter, holding at 300, 350, becomes a challenge. One thing that must be done diligently is keeping the drip pan clean. Any excessive build-up will keep the grill from reaching full temp! Happy grillin!


Just purchased my first Holland (Apex and Searing Unit)in August. It has been everything and more I had hoped it would be. Great food and enjoyable to use. Spread to gospel according to Holland!