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Topic Title: Won't light
Created on May 20, 2008 at 12:30 AM


My Old Classic grill is having problems. It won't light. It hasn't been used since last summer. I have a known full tank of gas. I don't hear any gas coming out of the burner and I removed the gas line from the grill control valve and no gas coming from there either. Could there be a problem with my regulator, or is there someplace else I should check? Help please!!

the demonstrator

It sounds to me that you may have a stuck check valve in your propane tank. Close the tank as hard as you can, open slowly, sometimes this releases that check valve. If the grill was working fine last year I doubt it is the regulator. I also have seen situations where the regulator, on the end that attaches to the tank can freeze up, just tap that end on a piece of wood a few times, attach back to the tank and try that.


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried those procedures, with no luck...any other suggestions? Help!!


If you are getting no gas into the burner,and your tank valve is OK, you either have a bad regulator or a blockage in the gas valve.
On an old grill like yours, I would clean out the burner & clear the gas valve. If that doesn't work, replace the hose & regulator.
Instructions for cleaning out the burner are under either grill care tips or trouble-shooting on this web-site. All this is assuming you have all original parts. If you have replaced any parts with newer parts, the diagnosis could be different.

BBQ man

The new tanks have given me problems since day one... Any temp change makes a diff... I have pounded that booger.. taken it in the garage and got another tank.. which suffers the same temp changes to no avail... Propane guys said.. take the tank inside and let it warm up... well that is not a option when u wanna fry some burgers quick... we had a quick change in temp... from 70's to 30's and ... well the burgers are in the oven now .. Cooked some things on the grill last week with the same tank. and now it won't burn.. i am miffed... i've done the open slow and also taken the feed line off and purge it... So sorry we cant depend on a piece of equipment to work correctly.. and yes.. bot a new BBQ last year... and it worked great till winter hit.. seems to depend on the day... it can be snowing and i can grill... the next time.. it can be 50 and won't light ... then 30 degrees and fire up and go like a gang buster.. so frustrating when i want to grill something and find that the "bitch" will not light up... and have to spend 30 minutes trying to get it going to end up. ... shoving stuff in the oven


A good way to check whether the propane tank check valve is stuck is to open the valve completely and then insert something rigid like a long screwdriver into the valve and depress the plunger.A rush of propane should come out of tank.If this happens then the tank is fine.If nothing comes out then the valve is stuck and it's time for another tank or replacement valve.


If you live in a climate with distict seasonal temperature changes like we do here in Minnesota, most of the time this is related to little tiny spiders making their homes for the winter in the gas orfices. It has happend to me more than once, dismantle the gas lines and blow them out with a compressor and run a wire through them to clean them out. Believe it or not they do the same thing to my outboard motor on my boat. I think the water pump is cracked every year until I blow out these small spider webs. Then the water runs freely again and all is well. I ran into this problem with my old gas grill as well. Try this. Very little can go wrong with a gas cylinder.


I did all that was suggested... I took off the valve attachment and opened the lines and blew through.. I'm sure the lines are clear. This year I had to get an expensive new tank because of some change in the safety valve(????). Could it be the valve attachment/regulator I have no longer is a fit for the everchanging tank safety


Thanks for this post. I had the same problem, (no gas). After about 3 1/2 hours fooling with it, cleaned the burner, cleaned the orifice, bought a new regulator, switched gas tanks, etc. you name it.

I finally discovered the only problem was that I didn't have the regulator valve screwed in the tank far enough to push the check valve in!!!!!

You're never too old to learn.
Thanks to all.



If your old cylinder has a OPD valve you could have gotten your cylinder requalified for either 5, 7 or 12 years. Its all dependent on what test the propane company utilizes.

I ran into this problem after my cylinder went out of periodicity which is 12 years from date of manufacture. It was the old quick connect/disconnect (differs from QCC) that Weber utilized back in the 90's. Cost to requalify was $10 here in Va Beach which was a heck of alot cheaper than buying a new tank and new QCC regulator. If I wasn't such a tight wad I would have just changed the regulator hose because I have a bunch of cylinders that work with the QCC hoses and regulators.

Key for you must have been no OPD (overflow protection device). I'm not a propane guy by trade but was "Voluntold" to give a spiel at a local RV group gathering that I belong to.