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Topic Title: Cooking in the wind
Created on November 7, 2012 at 08:12 PM


I have an Epic grill which I love, but cooking when it is cold and windy is sometimes a problem. I am thinking about using aluminum foil "caps" set loosely over the stacks to cut down on the loss of heat due to wind blowing across the stacks. If the internal heat is monitored, it seems to me that this should be a solution. Has anyone tried this?

Franklin D

For safety reasons, do not block the stacks with anything.
If the heat/air can't circulate in the grill & exit from the stacks properly, the grill won't cook right & it could cause the burner to go out while still putting gas in the grill.
It's fine to block the wind in some way, just don't block the stacks.

Tom Kirkman

Or... just add a couple minutes per side when cooking in cold, windy weather.


Oscar, we do this all the time and it works like a charm. Yes, set the caps loosely over the stack so the air content is not restricted. We have used the Holland at below zero temps and while it does take longer to cook (use an internal thermometer), the end product is still the same. Also, make sure you warm up the grill for about 15-mins and quickly put the meat on the grill. Do not (repeat DO NOT) look at the meat, look at the termometer.

Kenny R

Tom Kirkman

What would you want for the Sear Mate? how Old is it?

Kenny R

Tom Kirkman

It's about two years old, I think I used it maybe 3 times or so. $350 but it would cost a bit to ship due to the weight. This is the SS model.