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Topic Title: New York strip round
Created on December 7, 2012 at 11:04 PM


Ok every Christmas I would buy a round of rib eye and cook it like prime rib. Well this year I received a whole round of new your strip uncut can I cook it just like prime rib.


I've done a few prime ribs but not a strip roast. But, I'd say you'd be safe cooking it the same way. Just don't over cook it...maybe 130 degrees in center, let it rest, just the same as a primrib. Good luck (maybe cut a couple of steaks off just in case :)


So any one else think it will work.

Scott D

I'm sure the you'll be very happy with the reults of a Strip roast and it may even come out better then a rib roast on a Holland. I like to cook my rib roasts at 215 to 225 degrees, low and slow, for pinkness end to end as well as giving time for all that fat to render. Though I have done it on the Holland with good juicy tasting results, it just cooks at too high of a temp to keep it all pink through out. The strip roast doesn't need that uniform color and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.
Just remember, the larger the roast and the higher the cooking temp, the longer the carryover of Temp. A Holland can carryover the temp of a good size roast 10-15 degrees. I pull my sirloin steaks at 122 degrees and it will carry to 130-132 degrees. I would start getting antsy around the 117-119 mark, probably pull and let rest for at least 30 minutes. Best way is to do a trial with a cheaper cut, eye round or sirloin tip,( both cheap at Sams etc) and learn YOUR grill.
Good Luck,
Scott D