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Topic Title: Rusted Holland
Created on May 20, 2008 at 12:05 PM


I just wanted to advise anyone who is considering discarding their precious Holland because of rust, DON'T DO IT! I wasn't aware of the EZ Bottom kit until one of the customer service ladies told me about it. Just got it yesterday, and now my old Classic cooks like a brand new one! Looks like the second best investment I've ever made!


Agreed, restore that old grill!
My Classic had an all yellow flame. The grill would take forever to heat and cook. The food had slight blacked look and taste. A set of rare burgers last week pushed me over the edge.
Followed instructions on this site for cleaning burner. Took an hour to clean the burner (pile of loose rust within burner) and general cleaning.
Flame is now strong, blue with slight yellow tips. No replacement parts needed.