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Topic Title: holland/wilmington
Created on December 9, 2012 at 02:19 PM


I own a Holland and it is the biggest piece of #### in the world.
My neighbor owns a Wilmington grill and it is far superior than my grill, or at least his will work when needed. My next one will be a Wilm grill.


You are full of ####


Rs which Holland do you own and what seems to be wrong with it? What makes the Wilmington far more superior?


Sounds like another planted complaint to scar the Holland name.


As a 15 year 4 grill Holland owner and a 2 year Wilminton owner I think RS' comment on a Wilmington being a superior grill is all relative.

The Wilminton is constructed better I will give it that and I think its much easier to impart smoke flavor on the Wilmington. The previous comment is comparing my all stainless Legacy to the all stainless Wilmington. Other than that they are pretty simular.

Customer support at Holland is better in my dealings with both companies.

If we are all around in 13 years I will give my honest opinion on who makes the better grill because my Classic (my original Holland) is still cooking up a storm and has withstood the test of time too include multiple OCONUS moves while in the military.

I also have another Holland knockoff in a Phoenix grill and its a pretty darn good grill also. Some of its components (lid, cooking grate and drip pan) are constructed better than the Holland and Wilmington. However I don't see this grill lasting 15 years without some serious maintenance, paint chips easily and the burners are cheaply made. It does make the best steak out of the three grills

Tom Kirkman

The Wilmington Grill is a very high quality grill. But it is a standard gas grill (again, albeit a very nice one!) but still just a standard gas grill.

The beauty of the Holland is the system - one temp (OK 2 if you count the steamer feature) and so you cook by time with repeatable results EVERY time.

To each his own. I can afford any grill made and I'll stick with the Holland. I have a steak, baked potato and corn on the cob cooking right now and I already know how they're going to turn out.


This is a good topic, except for the way RS worded it. I never heard of the Wilminton grill but from what I hear from reading this, The wilminton is just a high quality grill and does no cook by indirect heat and you probably can grill your steaks better on the wilminton. But I love the way the Holland does all my large foods like turkey, beef roast whole chicken, etc. so I just bought another gril the Weber just for small stuff! BTW he never said which grill he has I have the Epic!!


I can understand what he is saying. I kind of treat my Holland as an outdoor convection oven more than a grill. For the things I really want to grill, I use my Weber charcoal Performer. To me they Re a complimentary system, not at odds with each other.
Jest my opinion.


The Willmington guys basically took the Holland idea (indirect) and put on something to where you can adjust the temp. They dont have the Holland signature smokestacks but they put something else up there.
Both have a valve, bucket, etc.
It seems like its more for people that need to cook something "quick" on the grill (hotdog for example).
At least, thats my opinion.