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Topic Title: SearMate in Cold Weather
Created on December 10, 2012 at 04:37 PM


I got a SearMate for my birthdayand it is now installed. Would like to try it tonight, but the weather here in MN is headed to the teens. Is there a temperature below which you shouldn't use the SearMate? I wouldn't want to wreck it right off the bat.

Any one got any experience using the SearMate in cold weather?



Tom Kirkman

I don't think you're going to hurt it. Before I decided to remove mine, I used it in all sorts of weather, hot to cold.

Somebody at Holland could better answer your question, of course.



Thanks for the reply. Why did you remove your SearMate?

Tom Kirkman

I just learned how much better food, including steaks, are when you don't "burn" the outside. If the idea is to sear the outside of the meat so you lock in the juice, then forget it. The Holland automatically cooks so the juices will remain.

But we all like something different. I just decided that I wasn't going to bother burning the outside of anything else. It was better just straight off the Holland, in my opinion.

Jeff Paquette

I don't have a sear mate for mine, but I do have the side burner. On previous grills I've grilled in -20 degree temps without any issues. I don't think the sear mate would be any different.
Nothing like grilling in a parka and toque while the snow is falling:)