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Topic Title: Chicken leg quarters
Created on December 30, 2012 at 01:48 PM


I have searched everywhere trying to find an answer but not hving any luck. Has anyone ever cooked leg quarters on their Holland? If so about how long and did ya turn half way thru? Thanks in advance..


99.9 percent of Holland owners cook leg quarters for about 25-35 mins per side. I'm sure Kirkman will chime in any minute and say he cooks them 7 minutes per side on his grill.


Thanks ED, that was th info I was looking for. The leg quarters are on the menu for tomorrow along with a couple Cornish hens. Tonight was T-bones, ribeyes and asparagus and man was it all good. Great first experience I had on my new Epic.. If it hadn't cooled down already I would of put a pie on, I didn't know wife had one till it was too late. Grrrrrrrrrrr


Enjoy the quarters. They are not at the top of my list of things to grill but some love them. I prefer to cook a whole chicken or two on the Roasting Post for an hour or so and let my guests choose between the white/dark meat.....Great!!


I finally done some quarters 2 days ago and man was they awesome. The wife doesnt like grilled chicken so I fixed her some pork chops but after she tried the chicken she liked it better. She said I like it grilled like that :(, the Holland pulled it off again.. :)


Jim how did you prepare the chicken leg quarters? Last time I cooked some I did mine 30 minutes per side but I bought them at Martins and they were already seasoned. They turned out good but always looking to improve.


I just used the Carolina seasoning and they were awesome. I also cooked 30min per side finishing with skin side up..