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Topic Title: Burner help
Created on January 13, 2013 at 08:55 PM


I have a new Epic and I am running into burner problems. I have adjusted the air flow to where I have a good blue flame with just a lil bit of orange tips but after it burnes for a while say 30 min the blue flames go to orange and I don't know why. Is this normal? My temp is staying right around 380 to 425. It heats up great goes to about 460 but after it burnes for a while it seems like it goes hay wire. Any help would be appreciated. I am cooking riveted and have went by the book and cooked each side for 11 min and they are still red and bleeding when ya cut them.

@ Jm

You need to call Holland. If your grill is heating good initially, then going down, something in your set-up is not right.
Are you covering the stacks or are you completely covering the cooking surface with food. Either of these would cause the problem you are having.
Never cover the stacks & always leave about 2" around the edges of the cooking grid so the heat & oxygen can circulate.
Give Holland a call. They can help. 1-800-880-9766


No I haven't done anything to mod the stacks. When I noticed it last the only thing on the grill was 4 ribeye steaks, I hope that wasn't overloading it. I only notice it after it has been burning for a while. I a, gonna time it next time so I will know an exact time it has been burning then contact Holland. From looking at the weather report for east tn it my be the weekend before I can try. Thanks for replying with some info.

Kenny R

Jim Did your take the fillers out of the stacks somehad fillerin them aholland man told me to take them out