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Topic Title: Atomic Buffalo Turtles
Created on February 3, 2013 at 05:39 PM


Was curious if anyone has tried cooking the Atomic Buffalo Turtles found on page 7 of the Holland Grill Family Cookbook. I am attempting them for the first time and will know in about 30 minutes how they are. Would be interested to know if anyone has tried them and what the results were.


Hi Jay,

I don't have the Holland cookbook, so I am assuming you are talking about the bacon wrapped jalapeno's ?? If so, then here is how I do them.
I wash and slice the jalapeno peppers in half. I then remove all the seds and membrane with a small spoon. It's always a good idea to wear some disposable gloves and DON'T let it splash into your eyes !!! OUCH !!
I then take some smoked sausage and crumble it into 8 OZ of softened cream cheese and blend together real good, then stuff the peppers and wrap them with bacon. I place these on the grill for about 15 - 20 mins near the front of the grill until the bacon gets crispy and they turn out very delicious !!!! I also made a couple halves without the sausage,(just cream cheese and bacon) but the cream cheese was overpowering and lacked the great flavor that the sausage really added to it. They only had just a little heat to them. We have made these many times and have tried different types of sausages. Hope this is what you were asking about.


Thanks Mike. That is exactly what I was talking about. The Holland Cookbook is similar other than they use little sausage links and shredded cheese. I will be trying your recipe next time just to see which I like best. I was wondering if during cooking you turn them at all. Also I wish I would have read the part in your post about the gloves before I did mine. Ouch is an understatement and I learned a very valuable lesson. Thanks again for your reply.